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A list of the official stuff I’ve worked on…

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Kearns C. Medical Artists Association of Great Britain 66th Annual Conference: “Tech-ing healthcare to the next level:  games & entertainment media innovation & beyond”. 2015. Exeter, England, UK.

Kearns C. Institute of Medical Illustrators (IMI) Conference: “Modern media in medicine: Developing apps and video games”. 2014. Bristol, England, UK.

Kearns C. Develop Live: “Gaming for Good: The application of Video Games and Interactive Technology in modern medicine”. 2014. Edinburgh, Scotland,  UK.

Kearns C. British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons Plastic Surgery Meeting: “Demonstrating local skin flaps to plastic surgery trainees using a smartphone & tablet app”. 2014 UK.


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The Handbook of Velopharyngeal Function (Prototype interactive eBook), Artibiotics, 2015 (Medical illustration, eBook design, co-author)


Surgical Flaps (iOS), Surgical, 2014 (Graphic design, app programming)

Plague Inc (PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Xbox One), Ndemic Creations, 2014 (Freelance illustration)

Sony Prototype Project (PS3), Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, Evolution Studios, 2013 (Concept & Story art)

King Cook (PS3), SCEE, Evolution Studios & Gamer Camp Studio, 2013 (Concept art)

Totem Dash (iPad), Gamer Camp Studio, 2013 (2d art/animation)

Black Steam (PC), Gamer Camp Studio, 2013 (Pixel art/animation)

Wolfdozer (PC, Mac), Anomalous Interactive, 2013 (Pixel art/animation)

Pain Tricks (iOS), artibiotics, 2012 (Entire app)

Symptom Scenes (iOS), artibiotics, 2012 (Entire game)

iRis Interactive (iOS), artibiotics, 2011 (Entire app)

Pacman E (NDS homebrew), 2010 (Entire game)